Simplify the distribution of your energy resources.

KameleonMD Kameleon is a modular and scalable system that intervenes at all stages of product distribution, which allows complete integration. This integration optimizes your operations by avoiding double entry and assisting you in operations such as product ordering, preparation of delivery routes, verification of shifts, inventory reconciliation and more.

Tools available

The tools available in KameleonMD aim to simplify the preparation, verification and follow-up steps. Graphical representations and processing by exception allow you to treat only the problematic cases

Tank farm module

The Tank Farm module allows the identification of products currently in the tanks, the change of products and the transactions that lead to a product movement (in/out). This module will be associated with automated exit points such as a loading ramp or a commercial gas station.

Commercial Service Station Module

The Commercial Service Station module allows for user management, transaction retrieval and integration with management tools such as inventory reconciliation.

Bulk Deposit Module

The Bulk Depot module controls access to the depot, the products and your facilities. It also prints legal bills of lading for the transportation of hazardous materials and automatically recovers transactions. The system reads tank levels, saves load position totals in a synchronized manner and allows for three levels of inventory reconciliation at variable time intervals.

Bulk delivery system

The KameleonMD Bulk Delivery System is a set of software and hardware tools that allows scheduling, preparing delivery routes, routing to relevant trucks and retrieving transactions . A complete database available in the truck allows couriers to issue complete delivery tickets without pre-printing in the office. The systems are based on a multi-level customer structure (deliverable, billable, etc.). The price, tax and discount management model meets your needs without changing your way of doing things. In addition, this model allows the management of prices and taxes over time. The KameleonMD system connects to your equipment already installed in your trucks.



  • Access control to the oil depot and to your facilities.
  • Automation and recovery of transactions.
  • Export transactions to your financial system.
  • Diagnostic rapide d’anomalies, dont celle de mauvaise calibration.
  • Access control to the oil depot and to your facilities.
  • Supervision of loading and unloading, and tank management.
  • Several products can be used in the same register.
  • Management of product mixtures.
  • Management of customer, carrier and driver data.
  • Knowledge of the inventories of the products contained in the trucks.