Simplify your operations with XSERVICE.

Leader dans le développement de solutions logistiques, Teknome a conçu une solution propre
to managing service operations. From call taking to billing, XService makes your life easier.

XService vous accompagne en tout temps, même lorsqu’il n’y a pas de réseau.


  • Enter service calls directly in the app
  • Optimize your work schedules according to the degree of urgency
  • Create, optimize and assign your routes to your service units
  • Locate your teams instantly
  • Eliminate your paperwork
  • Consult and keep your fixed and mobile inventories up-to-date in real time
  • List under the name of another banner as a contractor and manage product pricing and billing based on that banner.
  • On the road

  • Via your mobile device
  • Secured access
  • Access your database of customers and parts data
  • Select your parts from an electronic catalog
  • Identify your parts using barcodes
  • Locate the customer service locations as well as the list of interventions to be carried out
  • Access your installation manuals
  • Consult and complete your work orders by taking photos of the installations and by entering text.