Advanced logistics solutions

A true leader in logistics solutions, Teknome relies on cutting-edge technologies in the field of industrial computing.

Teknome offers state-of-the-art technological solutions :

  1. KameleonMD – a management system for the distribution of energy resources.
  2. Lynx – a waste snow management system.
  3. Xservice – a solution allowing the complete management of service operations, in the office and on the road.


Designed by specialists in industrial automation and IT, these products have proven themselves in several municipalities and many industries.

Year after year, the Teknome team continues to innovate to develop and offer the highest quality technological solutions. Proven and trusted solutions that prove valuable for operational performance and business growth.

Discover our different products


Kameleon® is a modular and scalable system that intervenes at all stages of product distribution.


Lynx is a solution for automating the management and control of waste snow transport operations.


An application for the complete management of your service operations, in the office and on the road.